Wednesday, September 3, 2014


It's been a long time since I updated this blog but figured I'd go ahead and catch everyone up on where we're at.

Friday, August 1st the lot was cleared. Initially concerned that our floor plan had been reversed because the gravel that normally leads to where the garage will be is on the opposite side. Spoke with PM and he said floor plan was not reversed.

Monday, August 4th the footers are complete. Really felt awesome to be seeing so much progress.

Wednesday, August 6th the foundation is nearly complete. Everything is going well. Love seeing progress every visit.

Friday, August 8th the dirt has been back filled and the first shipment of wood is on the lot.

August 11th and 12th no visible progress but the rest of the wood is on the lot.

Wednesday, August 13th the first floor is almost completely framed. It's amazing how much they can do in one day.

Thursday August 14th the first floor is completely framed but I had my hopes up more would be done.

Monday August 18th the second floor is has been framed for a couple days but we finally have stairs to go check out the work. The house seemed really big

Thursday August 21st the roof is on with shingles.

Friday August 22nd there is plumbing and three tubs in the garage. Wondering if I should prepare to close before end of October. This is moving fast!

Monday August 25th the initial plumbing is complete. We have installed tubs full of water and the hose bibs are in working order.

Wednesday August 28th no visible progress since Monday. We've been visiting the house so much (at least every other day), but we were heading out of town and wouldn't be back until Sept 2nd, so we can't wouldn't be able to track the daily progress. Oh well, we can't wait to get back to see how much progress will be made.

Friday August 30th and we can't take not seeing if there's progress. Text the PM asking for updates but he's on vacation. Wait we must. BTW, other bloggers have mentioned a weekly update from their PM - we get no such update unfortunately.

Monday September 1st surely with how fast they've been going there would be good progress since Wednesday? Our cable and internet wires have been run but that's about it. We did get a shipment for our siding which only slightly offset the disappointment of not seeing much progress.
All-in-all the month of August was very good.

Tuesday September 2nd yeah we there to check again. They have started the HVAC. the upstairs is almost finished. I'm concerned about the size of the vent in the master bedroom. I don't know the exact dimensions but I would guess 20X20. My concern is they placed it in the sitting area far away from the center of the room.  I wonder if it will always be too hot or cold in our sitting area and the opposite on the far adjacent side of the room?  There is one other smaller vent that's on the same left side of the bedroom as the larger vent. I would think three smaller vents around the room would have been a better way to go, but I will check with the PM.

UPDATE: So obviously I know nothing about HVAC. That large 20X20 vent I was talking about is actually a return vent. There are two normal sized vents in the master bedroom so all is good. 

Also on Tuesday September 2nd I sent NVR an email that I will not be using their services. Absolutely the worst experience I've ever had with any business - no exaggeration. I know they're the parent company for Ryan Homes but they seem completely different. The loan officer was terrible. Put it this way, if I did my job the way the loan officer did his, I would be unemployed no doubt about it.  We've decided to go with Alcova mortgage or Dominion Credit Union. We already have an approval with Alcova with much lower lender fees - a couple thousand - and we're waiting to see if we get an approval with DCU which will have even lower lender fees (credit unions are great). Hopefully that works out.

I will upload a ton of pictures shortly and do a much better job of updating this blog going forward.

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