Thursday, May 29, 2014

Well... We wait

Think now would be a good time to refresh where we're at.

We met with a NVR loan officer. Their costs are a bit higher than my credit union. I brought this to their attention and they told me if I get an “offer" from the credit union, they would consider that offer and make sure NVR's offer is competitive. He said in his experience NVR has always made sure they have the best offer on the table.

We also met with a representative at Structured Cable of Virginia. I was a little disappointed that only 4 wired outlets are included. Can be any combination of cable or telephone outlets.  Additional outlets are $150 each.  We added two extra outlets and also added a security system for $499 upfront and $38.50 / month with a 60 month contract.  Glad we got out of there under $1,000. Miscellaneous items can really add up.

We had our 14 day appointment where we finalized structural changes. We initially chose Elevation C with a front porch. We took off the front porch as we plan to add a back deck a few months after closing. No other structural changes. We did however upgrade our bathroom vanities and add ceiling fan wiring. Overall, we added a net $1,200. Not bad I guess.

We also picked our exterior colors, granite counter top color and laundry room laminate counter top color.

Our flooring appointment is scheduled for June 11th. Other than that we're just waiting on the loan approval and permits before construction starts. Expecting things to kick-off at the end of June. Guess the next update will be around then.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Signed the purchase agreement

Today was a big day.  We signed the purchase agreement!  I was panicking last night (first time homebuyer) but felt good about signing the papers today.  It certainly feels like we made a good choice.

As promised here are some of our options / upgrades:

- morning room
- granite counter tops
- timberlake espresso cabinets (strongly considered the Rushmore Butterscotch maple glaze cabinets, but it would have been another $2,500)
- Luxury owner's suite
- bathroom in the second bedroom
- crown and chair molding package
- hardwood floors in foyer, powder room, kitchen and morning room

As for negotiating, we purchased the home of the month special so negotiating was nil although we certainly tried and they considered but ultimately denied every request.  Our incentives were a free morning room, granite counter tops, upgraded appliances, hardwood floors, $20K towards any other options and $8K towards closing costs. I will add pictures once we pick our colors and finalize our options.

Meanwhile, the SOLD sticker is on the lot and closing is tentatively scheduled for October 20th.  Next up, we meet with the loan officer.  More to come...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

It starts

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle our home-buying adventure and hopefully help other potential new construction buyers.

Here's where we're at.  After what seems like an eternity of home searching, we have decided to build new with Ryan Homes.  We are building the Courtland Gates model and will sign our purchase agreement tomorrow. 

The next post will include upgrades/options we've added and our experience negotiating with Ryan Homes. Stay tuned...