Thursday, July 24, 2014

Almost underway

Well, we went from a standstill to what feels like an all out sprint. On Tuesday we found out that Ryan Homes would cover our closing costs in full. Excellent. Yesterday, we had our preconstruction meeting. Our PM seems like a really awesome guy. I went in with a list of questions that I found on blogs of other people who are building with Ryan Homes and after our PM talked for about 30 minutes, I realized he answered most of my questions.

Here are the questions I ultimately asked:

1. Can the plastic covering that you put on the floors be left on the floor so the floors are protected during my move in?

PM - no but he can give me plastic to cover the floors.

2. How many hose bibs and where are they located?

PM - two and one on each side.

3. Can you leave extra paint and carpet pieces?

PM - we will get a certificate so that we can order touch up paint. We will get extra carpet, tile and hardwood.

4. Do you provide a fire extinguisher?

PM - new code requires us to provide one. It will be located in the cabinet under the kitchen sink.

He gave us a short term timeframe. He's planning to have the lot cleared Friday and by next Friday the cement for the footings will be poured.

It seems like a distant memory that I was frantic and complaining about inaction. We're almost off and running.

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