Saturday, September 20, 2014

Trim, interior doors and cabinets are installed

A lot happened yesterday. As the subject says, the trim, interior doors and cabinets have been installed. So that full garage we had the past week is now essentially empty. All that's left is window screens and door handles. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves but just a couple comments. 

1. In the upstairs hall bathroom, the plumbing for the sink is not correctly located. It needs to slide to the right about 2 feet so it can actually go behind the cabinets. How did that happen?
2. The light rough-in above the cabinet in the master bedroom is too low. The workers couldn't place the mirror because it would partially cover the rough-in. 
3. We have a broken window and multiple holes in floors. 
4. The house is coming along great

Standing in the living room looking at the dining room
Ha - don't know how this picture got so slanted.
Standing in the kitchen looking at the morning room

Top of the stair view.

Family room looking at the back of the house.  One day there will be a deck outside these windows.

Stairs of cours

2nd floor hallway

Standing in the hallway looking at the kitchen.  The lighting was not good making the espresso cabinets look black.

Master bedroom cabinet. Again the espresso cabinets look black
because of bad lighting.  

Entrance to the Master Bedroom.

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