Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pre-drywall meeting

Today we had our pre-drywall meeting.  It lasted about 30 minutes. The first thing we noticed after walking in the house is there was drywall laying on the floor in every room. During the meeting our PM toured the house with us and had us verify the location of our cable outlets and optional lighting. Everything was where it needed to be. Our PM also covered the features of the house and the energy efficiency. Everything seemed air tight. Apparently they did an energy efficiency test on the house a few hours before where they force a lot of pressure through the house to see if there are leaks and where they are. One thing I was surprised about was a whole house ventilation system that's located in the upstairs hall bath. Because the house is so tightly sealed, there could be a ventilation problem (not enough fresh air from outside). The ventilation system works to bring in fresh air automatically when needed.

In other news our PM said the drywall would be completely hung tomorrow. The 6 days after will be for “finishing" the drywall (tape, mud, paint). Then the following week they will put up hand rails, cabinets and trim. 

We still don't have a closing date but it's tracking for the end of October. 

The next two weeks should be fun. I will post pictures of the hung drywall tomorrow or Friday. 

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