Wednesday, September 3, 2014


So far in this blog, I've neglected to discuss our current living situation. Hang with me, I'm not trying to be arrogant. We used to live in a gated apartment community. We had granite countertops, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, a fireplace and so on.  Our lease expired July 31st, and we waited so long to decide if we were going to renew our lease, move in with one of our parents, or move to a different apartment. About early July, I contacted my current landlord to see if we could renew at the current rate for three months. We found out they don't offer a three month lease, but we could go month to month at some absurd rate. Ruled that out pretty quick. Then we decided that we would try to find another apartment but if we couldn't we would move in with family as a last resort. So, about mid July we found a new apartment and started moving in late July. As I pulled up to the apartment with a truck full of stuff, a lady walks up to me and says “you need to pray over that place before you move in cause everything breaks".  She went on to say “take a look around, there are boarded up apartments out here".  She's not kidding. We seriously downgraded on this one. I had to call the landlord and let them know the place was dirty. There were bugs on the floor, in the dishwasher, hair in the medicine cabinet and a bunch of other obviously unclean things. They came back and promised they would get it straight, so we left and came back and the place still looked a mess when we came back. I started cleaning the tiled walls in the bathroom and before long I was standing in a pile of black water. Feeling like shooting myself for moving into this rat hole. But not only was the place dirty, but it's also smaller than our current apartment. It's really cramped and to top it off, we live with spiders. We see one everyday.  We have less than two months to go but we're dying to get out of this place.

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