Friday, September 19, 2014

Really quick update

We stopped by the house yesterday evening to check progress. I think in the last post I left off at they were starting the mud and tape process. Well as of Wednesday they had finished and the paint had been delivered.  Yesterday they painted the entire house. Having the walls painted really highlights some of the areas where they need to smooth out the drywall. I could see areas where they had taped but I'm sure this is to be expected for the first round. My only concern is after going by the house this morning, they were pulling the interior doors out of the garage. It looks like they're starting to put doors and trim up already. Seems like the walls should be fixed first but they know better than me.

Sorry about the quality of the pics, I'll try to get better pictures this afternoon if the workers have left.
Standing in the kitchen looking at the family room 

Standing in the kitchen looking at the foyer and front door

Standing in the family room looking at the kitchen and dining room doorway.

Standing in the kitchen looking at the morning room

Standing in the living room looking at the dining room

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