Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Siding complete and insulation started

I went to the house on Thursday around 6:30 pm after it had rained for a few hours. To my surprise, workers were there installing the vinyl siding. They were maybe 7 or 8 rows high. When I saw it, I was disappointed with how dark the siding was (thought it was lighter).  I figured I would wait until it was completely up with the shutters and trim before I finalized my opinion of it. 

I went inside to see what progress had been made. A week earlier, our PM spray painted items that they needed to fix. All these items were fixed. It was things like the header between the dining room and kitchen needed to be raised, crooked 2X4's, and adding air barriers behind all the tubs. 

One thing I did recognize is in the master bedroom, they have a power outlet centered between two windows almost certainly where we planned to put our bed. I know the placement of outlets is guided by code, but this location didn't make sense to me.  I asked if they could add a second outlet and space the two outlets evenly between the windows. I also asked if they could add an outlet on the landing between the first and second floors.  My PM said he could probably get the electrician to “do him a favor and add one" but he wasn't sure about the second one but he would try.

I went back to the house on Saturday, but didn't see either of the requested outlets, so I'm not sure if they will add them. I will find out today as they have started putting up the insulation.

Also on Saturday, they finished the siding.   Having the black shutters makes the siding seem a little lighter so I'm happy with that. I think somewhere down the line we may do a brick veneer in the front but who knows. 

Tomorrow we have the pre drywall meeting, so I will provide more updates soon. 

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