Friday, October 17, 2014

Less than two weeks to go

We are 12 days from closing and it can't come soon enough. We've been visiting the house about 5 times a week for the past 11 weeks.  Crazy, right? It's about a 25 minute drive from where we currently live so we're going to save a lot in gas when we finally move in.

Now, we're making a move out of our current apartment and move into our new home to do list. We moved into our current apartment at the end of July and decided to only unpack essentials so we're pretty much ready to go. 

Move out:
Just need to cancel our gas/electric/cable service. 
Schedule movers (brothers, cousins, and other family haha)

Move in:
- USPS change of address
- Notify DMV
- Update address at my job, at banks, insurance and voter registration 
- We already ordered Verizon Fios Preferred Triple Play. I was able to get a discount on services through my job. $79.99/month and get the $300 visa gift card. I picked our closing date for installation and Verizon was supposed to mail the equipment two days prior to installation. Well, they mailed it and it was delivered to the house already according to UPS, so I will need to check with the PM to see if he has it. 
- Turn the power and water on in our name. Think Ryan Homes gives a grace period for this and we plan to use it!!
- Order trash collection services. So, yesterday when I visited the house I also checked around the neighborhood to see who most people were using for trash services (ducks disposal or county waste). I also noticed there were a number of houses where I didn't see trash cans. So I pulled onto my block and straight ahead I see someone, who moved in about a month ago, tossing his garbage into the dumpster at another house that's being built, haha. So that's the plan?

So as far as the house is concerned,it's practically done. They just have to touch up and clean. At this stage in the process our visits will definitely decrease. We will probably only visit two more times before closing, once for the pre pre closing walk through on the 22nd and once for the pre closing walk through on the 27th. At this point there's minimal progress but plenty of bad stuff to see. People have been using the toilets, microwave, leaving chip bags and drink bottles everywhere, a cigarette butts in the garage. The hardwood floors are not covered and of course they get the most traffic.  Is this new or used?  Must be a home now cause we care about these things.

Pictures and blue tape galore. 

Study doors still not painted.

The tile was installed before the fixture, so they had to take a tile out.

At some point they will stain the hand rail. 

Living room

Family room - should have got a fireplace

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