Monday, October 27, 2014

Pre Settlement Meeting #2

Today, bright and early (8AM), we had part two of our presettlement meeting. For the first time, it didn't feel or looke like a construction site. There were no tools, no ladders, no blue tape and everything was clean. It was nice. Overall, the meeting lasted about an hour and a half and we went over everything they could possibly think of.  We talked about warranties, maintenance, lawn care, floor care, what todo in an emergency, sealing the grout, how to cut the water off, winterizing the irrigation system and hose bibs, cleaning out the heat pump pipe, and we even talked about how to flush the toilet!!

As we walked around the house, we found small areas that need touch up and they will be taken care of by closing on Wednesday. Also, our refrigerator and washer/dryer will be delivered and installed Wednesday morning. 

One cool thing that we got in our package was a 25% off coupon to Budget Blinds. I'm not sure if this company is overpriced to begin with but we plan to check them out since we haven't purchased blinds yet.

I will try to post pictures with our furniture and decorations after closing. I know we'll spend the first week hanging pictures, ceiling fans, and installing the garage door opener as well as just unpacking. If there are no updates from me in the next two weeks, it's because I'm taking a break and will be too lazy to take 5 minutes to upload pictures. 

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