Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pre Settlement Meeting #1

We had our first of two presettlement meetings yesterday. We focused on things we'd like to have fixed. Our next meeting is Monday and we'll discuss how things work (demonstration). 

We got to the meeting about ~30 minutes ahead of time so we could check around and see what stuck out to us. Overall everything looked good but we did add our share of blue tape. 

Some of the bigger issues were:

- the floor wasn't level between the kitchen and the morning room. PM said they would pull up the hardwood in the area and sand the plywood? Sounds strange to sand the plywood but ok. 

- at one point they had coverings over the floors. The coverings were removed and the carpet has what looks like stains in several areas and the hardwood has pretty large scratches (one the length of a dollar bill). They will fix both. Our thing is they will have to pull up hardwood in random spots. Once they do this, they'll have to nail the hardwood down and fill the nail holes then stain over the fill. That's less than desirable because it's almost certain it will be noticeable but we'll see. 

- whoever painted the morning room door did a seriously God awful job (paint that dripped and dried as a tear drop, missed spots, just terrible). Do they screen these workers? Where else have they done this bad a job that we missed, you know?

- we added the refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer pretty late in the process. I knew from reading other blogs that late adds are sometimes missed or not received by the PM. I asked our PM if the items were on order and he responded he needed to check our paperwork. Yep, not on order. 

- maybe not a “bigger issue" but definitely something that makes you question if these folks are competent. They put the door handle on wrong for the master bedroom door. The lock is on the outside of the door, so a kid could lock us in our room.  We noticed this three weeks ago but didn't say anything assuming someone would notice. No, we finally pointed this out at the meeting. WTF?!?!?

I'll admit, some of this was a bit discouraging and sort of diminished our excitement. We'll see how it turns out Monday.  I will post an update with pictures then. 

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