Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Four days with no change

There's been no changes to our house since Friday, I believe. Not seeing progress is frustrating espevially given our current living conditions. Nonetheless, I emailed our PM to get a schedule for the next couple weeks and to make sure we're still on track to close October 29th. He emailed me back this morning. 

PM Response:

“This week we are getting into what we call the trim-out phase. The electricians, plumbers and hvac contractors will be back to get the power, ac and water up and running. We will also be getting doorknobs and anything that the trim carpenter was missing from the first round. After we get through this stage of trim-outs over the next few days, we will be working on drywall and paint the beginning of next week and should be having hardwood installed by the end of next week."

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