Sunday, July 20, 2014

Finally ready to build?...

It's been a month since my last post and a lot has happened but also a lot has not happened. All our options have been finalized, building permits attained, and finally got a loan approval (NVR has been terrible at best).

Unfortunately, our great SR has quit and decided to become a buyer/seller agent. Happy for her but wish she would have been with us through the entire build. She was great with answering questions and giving us all the information we needed. With her departure, there was a stall in the process. We considered withdrawing from the contract and looking into resale again and I let our new SR know this. So, yesterday we met with the SR and it seems we're back on track. We have tentatively scheduled our preconstruction meeting for Wednesday July 23rd and ground breaking would be Monday July 28th. Somehow our expected closing is still late October although it slipped a week from October 20th to October 28th.

As a side, we've been negotiating our closing cost with RH and our SR is “confident" that they can provide $4,000 more in closing cost, but we will get the final answer Monday afternoon. When we signed the purchase agreement, they agreed to $8,000. With the extra money, all our closing cost would be paid and we'd only be responsible for the deposit. Obviously, it's unusual to be negotiating at this stage in the process, but in order for us to make this happen, we needed to increase our down payment, so to compensate for this we asked RH to help with more with closing.

This should be a fun week and I will hopefully be able to update this blog with some good news.

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