Sunday, May 18, 2014

Signed the purchase agreement

Today was a big day.  We signed the purchase agreement!  I was panicking last night (first time homebuyer) but felt good about signing the papers today.  It certainly feels like we made a good choice.

As promised here are some of our options / upgrades:

- morning room
- granite counter tops
- timberlake espresso cabinets (strongly considered the Rushmore Butterscotch maple glaze cabinets, but it would have been another $2,500)
- Luxury owner's suite
- bathroom in the second bedroom
- crown and chair molding package
- hardwood floors in foyer, powder room, kitchen and morning room

As for negotiating, we purchased the home of the month special so negotiating was nil although we certainly tried and they considered but ultimately denied every request.  Our incentives were a free morning room, granite counter tops, upgraded appliances, hardwood floors, $20K towards any other options and $8K towards closing costs. I will add pictures once we pick our colors and finalize our options.

Meanwhile, the SOLD sticker is on the lot and closing is tentatively scheduled for October 20th.  Next up, we meet with the loan officer.  More to come...

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